Wine Tour Lunch Options

Johnny B’s Limousine offers many wine tour lunch options! Call 704-649-3068 for us to assist in your tour today!

If your group is having Johnny B’s Limo order lunch for you, please cut-and-paste the appropriate menu and send to the group. Please have your orders returned to us via email at least four days prior to your event. Thank you!

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Shiloh General Store Deli Menu: Wine Tour Lunch Options

Each sandwich comes with a bag of chips for $6.00. This is wonderful Amish fare and is super-tasty!!

White or wheat bread
Mayo or hot mustard or mild mustard
Horseradish sauce? Y or N
Meat choice: roast beef, turkey, bologna, ham
Cheese choice: swiss, American, Colby, pepper jack, provolone

Circle if you would like one of these types instead:
Pulled pork (on a bun)
Chicken salad
Pimento cheese
Tuna salad

Dill pickle slices? Y or N
Pepper relish? Y or N
Tomato? Y or N
Onion? Y or N
Lettuce? Y or N
Chips: Kettle fry, jalapeno potato chips, bbq potato chips, sea salt potato chips, doritoes (nacho or ranch)


Jones von Drehle Menu: Wine Tour Lunch Options:  $12.00 per person
Entrée selection (please choose one)
*Chicken salad on Croissant        *Hamburger
*Ham Club                     *Grilled Chicken Sand
*Turkey Club                    *Veggie Burger
*BLT                            Egg Salad Sandwich
Pimento Cheese Sandwich        Ham and Cheese
*Sandwiches served with lettuce, tomato, onion. Mayonnaise and mustard packets on the side.
Choose one side:
Fresh fruit cup                    Coleslaw
Pasta salad                    potato salad
Macaroni salad                Homemade chips
Peaches                        Fruit salad (with apples)
Cucumber and tomato salad


Wineries that cater: (Please call and order from the winery. Prices Vary)


Wineries With Restaurants: Prices Vary

Shelton (Harvest Grill)




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